Marsh & Woods Architects (MWA) is an architecture design practice focused on spaces and environments that enhance activities and invigorate the human spirit. We are committed to creating sustainable environments by orchestrating the building form, space, materials and engineering systems.

MWA uses advanced technology and 3D modeling in design, documentation and management of the construction process. Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) enhances project coordination with the owners, users, engineers, and construction managers from the start of design, to the occupancy of each space.

History and Philosophy

In 1991, Harry Culpen and David Woods founded this design practice in Stamford, Connecticut. The original firm name was Culpen & Woods Architects. It was changed to Marsh + Woods Architects after 25 years in business. The new name recognizes Nigel Marsh as a partner. Harry Culpen is fully retired. As the clients have expanded, so too has the practice from the humble beginnings in retail planning and historic renovation to more complicated commercial, public and residential projects.

We constantly work to achieve three important goals:
design clarity, technical excellence and client service.

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